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The Bonjour-santé Média network does advertising differently! As an advertiser, you can target your audience by region or even by neighbourhood, or broadcast your products and services across the province of Quebec. Our display options ensure that your advertisement is displayed in a credible and recognized environment and reaches a highly attentive audience. No matter what your goal is, Bonjour-santé Média offers affordable advertising packages and customized campaigns that will get you seen by thousands of potential customers.

32% of your audience is male
69% of your audience is female

Your audience, in numbers...

30 % de votre auditoire en clinique est accompagné d'au moins une personne
Accompanying individual
30% of the audience is accompanied by at least one person during visits to a medical clinic, which significantly increases the number of potential customers who see your advertisement.
89 % de votre auditoire participe aux décisions relatives aux achats
Purchase decision89% of the audience is involved in basic purchase decisions, which means that you directly reach the customers who will buy your products and services.
56 % de votre auditoire fera un achat dans une pharmacie dans les 24 heures suivant leur consultation auprès d'un médecin
56% of the audience will make a purchase at a pharmacy within 24 hours of visiting the clinic.
79 % de votre auditoire obtiendra une prescription en clinique
79% of the audience gets a prescription from the doctor following an appointment at a clinic or by e-consult.
Les gens sont plus enclins à croire un message publicitaire dans un environnement de soins de santé
Healthcare sector47% of the audience is more likely to believe an advertisement that they've seen in a healthcare setting, which means that your advertisement will be considered credible and reliable.
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  • Experience increased visibility of your products and services with an attentive and targeted audience
  • We provde tailor-made offers according to your specific needs and budget 
  • Taking advantage of our targeted advertising network is a great way to gain prominence in the medical sector

Non-profit organizations

  • We offer an affordable solution to promote your services and mission
  • Opportunities for a partnership with exclusive pricing
  • Possibility of exchange contracts

Marketing agencies

  • Targeted, unique and credible distribution network for your clients
  • Volume pricing available and/or exclusive pricing according to your clients' budget (different offers available)
  • Increased flexibility with monthly or yearly distribution